85 Broads Leadership Team

PresidentShari Goldsmith

Shari Goldsmith

As a Mental Health Therapist, Women’s Life Coach, Speaker and Author, I work with women to identify the challenges that are standing in the way of their full potential in their professional and personal life.  After enjoying a very successful career in Business Operations and Program Development, I decided to go back to school to fulfill a dream of receiving my Mental Health Degree. My vast business experience combined with my Mental Health expertise, gives me the perfect combination of skills to help women discover where they belong, subsequently reinventing their lives.  My book, “31 Days to Finding Your Inner Sass”, presents the core principles needed in order for women to be happy, healthy and successful. You can learn more and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Why do you like 85 Broads or what do you hope to achieve through 85 Broads? 85 Broads gives me the opportunity to network with accomplished women while making a positive impact in our community. My goals for my term are to:

  • Grow an exclusive Greater Cincinnati group of women committed to professional and personal development
  • Developing a stronger chapter framework that lends to accountability and commitment
  • Growing our focus as to not just focus networking but on the full mission and vision of 85 Broads

President Elect – Diane BaronDiane Barron
You can learn more and connect with Diane on LinkedIn.


Vice President Elect - Linda Bauer
You can learn more and connect with Linda on LinkedIn.Linda Bauer


Secretary - Jess Allman
Jess was a 2013 Cincy Emerging Leader. Read more here. You can also learn more and connect with Jess on LinkedIn.Jess Allmann


Treasurer - Kristin Strehl
You can also learn more and connect with Kristin on LinkedIn.Kristin Strehle




Our leadership team includes our dedicated Committee Chairs. Click here to learn more about each leader and how you can get involved with an 85 Broads Committee.
Coaching and Mentoring Chair – Jill Bracci
Events Chair – Erica Abercrumbie & Lauren Martin
Marketing and Communications Chair –  Christa Wessels
Membership Chair – Nancy Piatt
Philanthropy Chair - Marcia Snively and Deana Battle

Ex Officio/Board Advisor – Marjorie Solomon

Margye Head Shot 2

85 Broads Cincinnati founding member, Past President , 85 Broads Global Power Circle Member, 85 Broads Global Advisory Board Member.

You can learn more and connect with me on LinkedIn.


Chapter Founders, 2009: Jessie Deye & Adhurcia Apana